Jude, about a year old.
Jude, about a year old. He pulled all his stuffed animals through the bars so he could sleep on them.

Jude, about 9 months old.We were almost out the door when we realize he took that hat back off the rack after we put it away!

Jude's first real banana! He wouldn't even let me cut it!
Jude, about 4 months old. Daddy waited until he was asleep then staged this pic. So cute!

Jude, about a year old. Airplane!!

My sleepy boy, about 4 months, in his moo cow outfit.

Alien Jude! 7 months.

Derp baby! Jude, 5-ish months.
Shoppin' with daddy! Jude, 5 months.! Jude, 7 months.

Oh yeah, Jude's mowhawk! 2 1/2 years old.

Jude pushing Grandma on the swings! About a year and a half.

Hard hat? Check. Elmo jammies? Check. Fireman boots? Check. All right, let's go! Almost 2 years.

3-tier cuddles! Daddy, Jude just over 2, and Hunter almost 3 months old.

I'm so fluffy! Jude, almost a year.

Mama, what are you doing? Mama. Mama. Mama, what'cha doin? Jude, almost a year.

Hmm...can I get that in my mouth from here? Hunter, about 3 months.
Jude's first peek-a-boo! About ten minutes old.

Swing! Wheeeee!!! Jude, about a year and a half.

Jude's house! About a year and a half.

Up a tree! Jude, just over a year and a half-ish
My little cowboy! Jude, about a year and a half.

Jude loves his flowers! About a year and a half.

Kissy face! Jude dressed up for a wedding, a year and a half.

Jude loves his meow-meow! About a year old.
We love the Summer! Jude, about a year and a half, me 21.

It's awesome having a firefighter for an auntie! Jude in an engine, about a year and a half.

So...sleepy...but! Just over a year.

Elmo bathtime! Just over a year.

Jude playing with his X's and O's. A year and a half.

Jude being awesome. Almost 4 months.

My Grammy has connections with the band! About a year and a half.
John and I, pregnant with Hunter.

Tickle time!

Hunter, just a few hours old.


Photo shoot with Daddy, about 6 months old.

My favorite picture of Hunter before he was born!
Hello world!

All snuggled up and warm! Hunter, just under an hour.

He'd know Grandma's arms anywhere!

Just relaxin' with Mama.

Ok, who can resist giving that face a kiss?

Jude an Hunter meeting for the first time!

The whole family!

Hunter's first bath!

Jude loves his tomatoes! About a year and a half.

If I bite the 8 ball, do I still get a wish? Jude in the church youth room, not quite a year yet.

Oh yeah, he gets his eyes from his Mama! Jude, just over a year.
Hunter was born on a Saturday, and didn't even go home before we went to church!

Cheese!!! About a year-ish.

Peeky-boo! Jude at auntie April's, maybe six-seven months old.

Hunter, learning the finer points of a crock-pot. Just over three months old.
Jude loves to cuddle with his Hunter.

Splish-splash! Jude, about a year and a half.

Jude, playing Peeky with the phone, just over 2 years.

Jude loves his brother!

Jude got his wellies on all by himself, then tried to leave Grandma's house like that for church.

Takin' a bath at Grammy's.

Hunter, about 3 months old.

Jude, right after he learned how to blow bubbles on his own--with a very sleepy face, year and a half old. 

Jude's a basket case! Almost 2 years.

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